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Why you should choose a bespoke wedding accessory

Accessories are a very personal style statement and at Garter & Veil, I know how important it is to find the perfect pieces to complement that special wedding gown or outfit. Here is why you should choose a bespoke wedding accessory.

Let's face it you can spend hours trawling through site after site on Google and board after board on Pinterest and never quite find what you are looking for.

If you find yourself in this situation creators of handcrafted accessories or couturier's like myself are your Fairy Godmother,

your Jiminy Cricket, your ...

you know what I mean!

Bespoke options allow you to perfectly match your pieces to your dress, the theme of your wedding or event, your personal style or to incorporate an important family heirloom.

Having something that is unique to you will make you cherish your accessories and become the heirloom pieces of the future.

Creating a design - when choosing a bespoke wedding accessory.

Bespoke options can be as simple as a variation on an existing design.

Creating an existing piece in a different finish - such as a gold crown in silver.

Perhaps you would like to switch the pearls for crystals or gemstone details?

Maybe you would like to change the fitting or attachment of a piece such as adding a comb to a crown?

The options are really endless and I love to hear which elements work best for each bride and I offer guidance when needed along our journey to creating your perfect piece.

'I love to hear which elements work best for each bride and I offer guidance when needed along our journey to creating your perfect piece.'

If you are looking for something completely unique I can design a piece from scratch.

jewellery making accessories and wire
My workbench often looks like this

I have heard a few brides say that they are afraid to ask for what they are looking for, and afraid costs may spiral or ideas may be pushed aside.

I love to create bespoke pieces and I have a very personal approach to these enquiries so I'd like to reassure you that there really is nothing to be scared of.

To clear the fog I have created some tips to commissioning your unique piece -

5 Tips for commissioning your bespoke wedding accessories

Tip 1. Before you proceed with an enquiry I recommend that you have a clear image of the outfit you have in mind and an idea of how you may wear your hair so that we can discuss the best options to suit your style.

Tip 2. Collect images of your inspiration, your bridesmaid's outfits, accessories, any materials you like such as pearls, crystals, music, starfish! - a Pinterest board is perfect but I have also used magazine clippings so do whatever suits you.

Tip 3. If you have a budget - say so, we all have an idea of what we have to spend but you may have to be realistic with your design and the materials to suit - an intricate hand-wired freshwater pearl crown will be more than one made of faux pearl as an example, but we can discuss this when sketching out the design and add or cut back as desired.

Tip 4. Remember there will be a lead time - letting us know your date is really important - as with a bespoke gown the lead time to create your piece will be longer. As your design is made from scratch time will be needed to source materials and create samples on top of the time to make the piece itself. The lead time will be given at the time of order and I provide regular updates.

Tip 5. Enjoy the process - it's rare that we are given the opportunity to play out our personality in a unique design and every bride has expressed their sheer excitement at watching the piece come together- during the creation I will send sneak peeks to keep you up to date with the progress.

The design proposal​

Bespoke bridal accessories
Bespoke Design Proposal | Garter & Veil (Product & hair images provided by Bride)

Once I receive your enquiry and we discuss what you are looking for and your inspiration - I go away and I create a design proposal.

As you can see above, this bride wanted a bespoke celestial headband that would compliment her intended hairstyle and elements she had already purchased for her bridesmaids.

I proposed a hand-sewn Swarovski pearl headband with crystal star elements - encompassing her inspiration and suiting the style of her dress and wedding theme.

Keep scrolling to see the finished design...

Title image of Behind the Scenes

The finished piece

Depending on the complexity of the design I can guide you on a lead time for the final piece - this custom pearl headband featured well over 1300 individually hand-sewn pearls and 2000 glass beads so was one of the more time-consuming pieces taking 6 weeks from concept to completion. But the results really do speak for themselves and this show-stopping piece won't fail to get all the attention it deserves.

'the custom pearl headband featured well over 1300 individually hand-sewn pearls and 2000 glass beads '.

The finishing touches

Not all bespoke requests are for headpieces, I am often asked to create unique jewellery.

This pair of statement earrings were requested recently by a bride who loved our Stardust crown.

Not wanting to wear anything in her hair she decided that a pair of statement earrings were more her style and asked if we could use elements from the crown to make her a unique pair.

Below is a small selection of some of my previously commissioned bespoke pieces.

If you would like to work with me to create your very own heirloom click here or email

Remember it's your day and you should do it your way - don't be afraid to ask,

you never know what magic might happen (..waves magic wand).

Gemma x


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