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Please care for any Garter & Veil piece as you might any other delicate jewellery items, our pieces are handmade and delicate in nature and many hours have been spent creating them for you.   

Please take extra care with flexible metal or wire pieces, bending the wire too hard can cause it to snap or become misshapen which will be irreparable. 

We cannot take any responsibility for any pieces that are broken or damaged by misuse or poor handling.

Our products are not intended to be worn or used by children and have small delicate elements. 

Please treat each piece with great care, for best results keep items in the protective packaging provided as moisture in the air can tarnish all metals over time. 

Items can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth, as some jewellery dips can damage plating, pearls, and acrylics we do not recommend the use of these cleaning products on our items.

Larger crystals and stones can be buffed using a jewellery cloth, to avoid damage please be delicate and follow the instructions on your chosen method of cleaning.

Your item is delicate and should be handled with care. Sprays, solvents, perfume, and body creams applied directly to your accessories will cause discolouration and can damage metals beyond repair. We will not be responsible for replacing items damaged in this way.

As part of our service, all products sent are inspected before being packaged, no items will leave us damaged. We do not offer refunds for damaged items but will happily exchange the item (like for like) if it is damaged during transit to you, which must be reported on delivery.

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