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How to choose your wedding accessories

A carefully chosen wedding accessory can alter your wedding look into something that is completely personal and unique to you.

Even if you prefer a pared-down appearance or you are not a regular jewelry wearer, you could find that all it takes is one single item to make a whole outfit sing.

pearl bridal crown with wedding garters

Garter and Veil logo with jewellery elements

How to choose your wedding accessories - Crowns & Tiara's

Tradition has it that Tiaras are only supposed to be worn by brides on their wedding day or by married women. With its roots in classical antiquity, the tiara was seen as the emblem of the loss of innocence to the crowning of love.

However, you need not pay attention to age-old traditions if they are not of interest to you - wear a tiara whenever you like!

Crowns & Tiara's can be a real statement piece, from very regal to a little more quirky.

When choosing a piece consider how you intend to be wearing your hair?

As a general rule Crowns lend themselves to loose locks - Tiara's are better suited when secured in an up-do but rules as always can be broken, go with whichever you will be comfortable with.

When deciding on a design try incorporating elements from your wedding theme if you have one or draw inspiration from your outfit.

Matching metals to the colour or detailing in your outfit & jewellery will ensure a coordinated look.

Headbands (Halo's)

If you are looking for a modern twist on the traditional crown why not try a padded headband. Whether it's a minimal look or you want maximum sparkle there is a style to suit every taste, and they can be worn perfectly atop an updo or look gorgeous on flowing waves as well.

Why not let us create something bespoke - we are currently taking enquiries for unique orders, you can get in touch here.

A carefully chosen wedding accessory can alter your

wedding look

Pins, Combs & Vines

If wearing a Tiara is not for you but you still want to dress up your hairstyle then there are lots of options of Pins & Combs to choose from.

Combs are versatile and can be worn in the side of a loose down do, or tucked into a chignon.

Blond bride wearing floral hair comb
ALLYSA Comb - Photography: Laura Calderwood

If you’re wearing something sparkling, then you could accessorise your bridesmaids with hair combs and pins to bring a whole look together. The advantage of all these jeweled accessories is that you’ll be able to wear them at a future date to a formal occasion they don't have to hide in a drawer and your bridesmaids will love you for it.

bridal accessories by garter and veil


Earrings can be the finishing touch to your look but if you are wearing a large headpiece then you may want to avoid over accessorising with a pair of chandelier sparkles.

If on the other hand, you are wearing a minimal hairpiece you might want to elevate your look by adding some statement jewels or even switching them up at the reception.

Just remember, carefully chosen wedding accessories will express your unique personality, however bold or subtle you choose to go nobody can mimic your unique style.

If you have found these tips helpful leave me a comment below.

If you would like to know more about a piece from the collection, or you are interested in having a bespoke design please get in touch here I am always thrilled to hear from you.

Gemma x

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